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Vibrators, the most favorite sexual tool.

Believe it or not, vibrators are the most favorite tool that everyone have at their home, at least in USA. Using a vibrator alone or while making love with someone is another way of more enjoying the sex. Following the survey data from Indiana University from 2.056 woman with range from 18 - 60 years old about vibrator, the result show out that almost 52,5 percent of them enjoy the vibrator that they bought from many kind of vibrator shop.

71.5 percent of them agree that no side effect of vibrator and almost all the vibrator user agree that the vibrator have help them to experienced better sex and more satisfying sex life, they reach orgasm faster and more frequent.

And most surprising there are many guys using vibrator too. Vibrator used to help the man to able to enjoy their sexual function better, help them to give more satisfaction to their couple and many more. Some man are like to have cock rings to with them while using the vibrators.

From health magazines you can read that vibrator is also make your health better, relaxing your body and stress inside it and many more. The conclusion is Vibrator is good for health since it followed by many positive effect. So if you are still curios or need more information either the tools check here on sex toys.


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Katie said...

Wow what a great post! I'm gonna order one soon!

Your girl, KatieP