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Events to Remember

The events that changed the shape of the world are interesting to know. Important events are meticulously documented in the west. Today the media has come to our help to document any such events to bring them in to public consciousness. It is often said that public memory is short. So it is essential to ponder over past events. Man has made innumerable inventions and discoveries. The list is very big and runs in to pages. Similarly, the incidents that had stumbled in to the path of man's civilized progress are innumerable.

Whenever we talk of history or scientific achievements we identify that events took place before the birth of Christ and after Christ. The period that was reckoned before the birth of Christ has been termed before Christ which is popularly known as B.C. A.D indicates after Christ.

So in my blog am going to deliver you some of the World's famous events that changed the world a lot. Friends feel free to post your comments and